World Music Central, 2006.09.13.

09/13/2006 07:54AM
Contributed by: Anonymous

Hungarian singer Andrea Gerak will perform at Brugges Festival of World Music on November 11 at 15:30 (3:30 pm).

Andrea Gerak has been dancing and singing in several folklore groups in Hungary, in the Borsod, Avas, Csepel and Bartok dance ensembles. After starting a solo career and sailing often rough waters of life, she is now based in Sweden, this multi-talented artist has been recognized by several journalists and the general public, defining her as second Martá Sebestyén. Andrea is active in different music styles and groups, meeting an increasing demand from musicians to use her voice for various projects from all over the planet, but for her first performance in Belgium, she will offer a traditional Hungarian repertoire from Transylvania.

The group that will accompany Gerak for this occasion, Barozda, are three musicians who interpret traditional music from Hungary and Transylvania. During these months, the band is celebrating their 30th anniversary. They have played at many festivals and are regularly on radio and TV.

Brugges Festival of World Music has two venues, Stadsschouwburg and the Biekorf in Brugges. The festival focuses on acoustic performances.

The festival\’s program includes Tango, Flamenco, Rembetika: tasty musical bites from all corners of Europe and the world are to be enjoyed. Top notch artists such as Bratsch, June Tabor & Band and, the masters of the Tango: Cuarteto Cedrón. Surprises with Andrea Gerak & Barozda, Myrddin and Flamenco dancer Rafael de Carmen. In the tradition of Brugges Festival: a closing concert with a Greek feature: the Greek Babis Tsertos & Kompania.

Brugges Festival, 10,11,12 November 2006